roxanne köbern
roxanne köbern

Artist Statement

roxanne is a visual artist living and working in denver, colorado. 

born and raised in the rolling foothills of western kentucky, she grew up barefoot in the rich black soil of the bluegrass. in 2017, she graduated from the university of kentucky with a b.s. in computer science and minors in both mathematics and digital media + graphic design. 

after becoming burnt out and disenchanted with the tech industry, roxanne left corporate america in 2020 and traded her technical pencil for a paintbrush. she enrolled as a student of the REAL art academy of colorado and soon began creating oil paintings that mix the technical beauty of classical realism with the modern forms and vivid colors of contemporary art. 

in a world inundated by the digital, roxanne seeks to create art that calls the viewer back to the real with playful composition and details meant to be absorbed at a much slower pace than that which is demanded by the attention economy. 

“i am always seeking continuous growth in whatever i do–i treat my easel as a playground where i can not only express myself but confront new ideas head on from within the deep meditative practice of realism.

it is easy to get lost in the endless chatter of internet-era discourse, so i try to transmute that anxiety that we all feel into something more concrete and worthwhile. art is my rebellion to the systems that seek to steal our time, our creative energy, and our precious joie de vivre.”