roxanne coburn artist

about me

Roxanne Coburn is a visual artist and designer living in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Tucker and two cats. Born and raised in the rolling foothills and forests of Western Kentucky, she grew up surrounded by nature and wildlife barefoot in the rich black soil of the bluegrass. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics and Digital Media and Graphic Design. 

Art has always been a vital instrument for communication and personal expression to Roxanne who began drawing relentlessly “as soon as she could hold a pencil”. Though predominantly studying computer-based technology at university, her interest in traditional art never faded and has since flourished into an affair of the heart.

After enrolling in the REAL Art Academy of Colorado, Roxanne began painting with oils as her primary medium and studying classical realism. Under Ali Ghassan’s expert tutelage, she has been developing her own personal style that seeks to mix the beautiful figures of classical realism with the rich colors and forms of contemporary art. Her varied interests in the arts and sciences reflect her unique artistic style: a modern rendition on the renaissance man. 

In the spring of 2020, Roxanne established her own boutique digital design firm:  visually roxanne limited. There, she designs and builds custom websites and creates digital media for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Her background with user experience  and empathy driven design influences her art which typically focuses on the human form.

With her experience in mathematics and computer technology, she hopes to create art that illuminates the ever diminishing boundary between the real and virtual environments we inhabit.